Iram J.Leon:The amazing father from Texas

Posted: 20 Μαρτίου, 2013 in inspirational people
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Iram J. Leon won the Gusher Marathon on March 9, 2013 pushing his 6 year old daughter, Kiana, in a borrowed stroller for just over 26 miles.  The most miraculous part of the story is that Iram is 32 years old and  has terminal brain cancer.

«After crossing the halfway mark at just under 1:31, I couldn’t see anyone ahead of me and asked a cyclist how far back I was. She said there’s no one ahead which floored me. Was there a possibility that I could win not a division, not an age group but a marathon with my inspiration directly in front of me? Right about that time, the speaker started playing “It’s the time of your life so live it well” from A Bugs life and Kiana who had slept a good chunk of the first half… woke up and started singing it», he writes in his personal blog.

Here you can donate for his daughter’s college fund.

This motivating and inspiring story makes me think but makes me smile too. Hope it does the same for you!



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