Syrians Trying To Make It Through The Conflict

Posted: 19 Μαρτίου, 2013 in ink to think and action

Two years of bitter conflict in Syria has uprooted hundreds of thousands of people who now have no means to provide for themselves. Food is getting more and more expensive and bread shortages have been reported across the country.

Here are three people doing their best to get through the conflict with help of food from WFP.

A mother who lost her home 

“When I happen to come across a mirror which I don’t even have, I look at my face and cannot even recognize who I am anymore. I don’t look like 27. I don’t feel like 27. My face, body and spirit aged a lot in the last few months. We have all aged»,she says.

Souad fled her home in Deir Ezzor with her husband and 3 year old son and took refuge in the city of Qamishly in Al-Hassake Governorate 8 months ago. Her son has also a development problem and cannot get the proper medication or treatment. At the age of three, he cannot walk on his own or say any words.

A chef who lost his restauraunt

In the  town of Altinozu, former chef and restaurant owner Hossein Mohammad struggled on a crutch to shop with his wife. “We were in a firefight and while we were fighting, all of a sudden I got six bullets in my stomach.»

“I’m selling 700-800 flatbreads a day. I started out by selling them at the camp but now that there’s an agreement with the Red Crescent and WFP, citizens started shopping in the town centre, so local shops have started to earn money and it’s good for business,” he said.

 And here you can see how a family lives in the   dark. 


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