When a dream of a better life turned into a nightmare…

Posted: Νοέμβριος 12, 2012 in activism
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The «Dangerous Journey» is an animated film which aims  to inform and warn millions of people worldwide, especially young women, of the practices that harm them and it is based on true stories.

Human trafficking is a lucrative crime and there are several reasons why women are so easily lured into the system and why the practice continues to be so pervasive. Poverty is the main tool that is used to attract women into the hands of traffickers. People are desperate and looking for a better life – when they hear of the ‘endless opportunities’ in South Africa, some of them are easily deceived.

A lack of awareness of the evil also contributes to the high levels of trafficking. Women, police and other citizens are not educated on how trafficking works and what the consequences are – a factor which ultimately assists in its growth.

Spread the word about this practice, and maybe we’ll see some change!



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