An inspiring story of a Somali woman

Posted: Ιουλίου 17, 2012 in inspirational people

Deka Mohamed, a 20 year old girl from Somalia has successfully completed a six-month tailoring course supported by WFP, the   world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide. As a result, her future s looking brighter and she can dream for her life again.

She was employed by a designer and put some money of her salary aside.  She was determined to save for  her own sewing machine and go into business. And, by  borrowing a little extra from her friends, she managed to do so.

She trained her mother with her own machine and they started  to build their own business slowly.

Deka was then in a position to help some of her siblings and paid for three of them to attend Waberi Primary School in Garowe.

She now hopes to buy more sewing machines and train more women. She says she would like to improve her tailoring and design skills…. and become a role model for other young women with similar ambitions.Image

Photo by WFP/Susannah Nicol



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