» In search of unsung heroes»

Posted: Μαΐου 26, 2012 in inspirational people
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Sebastian Lindstrom is  the founder of two non-profits; one based in Ghana assisting HIV positive children and raising awareness of the disease, and the second a nomadic filmmaking organization,  named »What Took You So Long».

WTYSL films untold stories and unsung heroes in less-traveled regions, the most recent documentary project focusing on the business of camel milk around the world, which took the team to 20 countries over the course of one year.

Sebastian is part of the Sandbox Network, supporting the community of entrepreneurs and leaders in their field under 30, as co-founder and ambassador to the first Africa hub, Sandbox Nairobi. Ex Swedish Special Forces, Sebastian was educated in Hong Kong, South Korea and Singapore. He speaks Swedish, English, Mandarin, and fairly good German with a beer in his hand.

In the video below you can see Sebastian’s interview for Ypovrixio magazine by the amazing Greek journalist, Vagelis Davitidis.



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