A moving story of a woman who was sex trafficked at 15

Posted: Απρίλιος 16, 2012 in ink to think and action
Paula K., a 31 year old woman, was sex trafficked at 15.  It’s only within the last 3 years that she has begun to recover. This is her story:
»I would like to share with you a reason that is driving my personal passion to defeat this injustice. At 15 years old, I was drugged and forced into prostitution. While initially I had no idea what was really going on, and no idea where I really was, after some time I came to realize what was going on and I was horrified. I was ashamed, afraid, and lost; I felt like it was my fault because I had accepted the invitation to go “hang out” with these men. I was so angry, but I felt so trapped, that I just wanted to die. I did not understand that I was a vulnerable child that had been taken advantage of; and that is what they wanted. When I was found, I was placed into state custody because I was considered to be so “damaged.” My parents were told that I would never have children. My entire family was destroyed, and I would never know what it meant to attend a high school, a prom, or even go on a simple date with a boy.
These same types of predators who had me figured out are the same types of predators that are using the Village Voice to exploit and change forever the lives of innocent young people today. And, yes, today, right this moment, young girls or boys are being subjected to abuses the same, or worse, than those I endured.

My entire life stopped, and it is only within the last 3 years that I have begun to transition into a place of recovery. I am now a 31 year old woman, with a child of my own. I attend a top-tier women’s university and I am finally picking up the pieces and trying to discover what it means to be “me.” Each day I deal with the scars of the abuse that I suffered over 15 years ago, yes, each and every day. And there is one thing that I do know: I will do anything in my power to stop any young person from enduring anything like the abuses I endured. The pain that I endured and that I carry with me goes beyond words, but I hope that I have been able to say enough on behalf of all of those who have suffered, are suffering, or may suffer, to encourage you to protect them.

Join me in calling on Alta Communication and Brynwood Partners to use their power and money to speak out for victims of sex trafficking and urge Village Voice Media to close the adult ad section of Backpage.com».

Sign the petition against Village Voice Media’s investors and stop this horrible crime against children!!! Every day many young girls and boys are bought and sold for sex on Backpage.com, the largest online site for child sex trafficking in the U.S owed by Village Voice Media. Signing the petition is the least we can do to protect those children. Allowing it is the same as perpetrating it. It’s up to us to stop it and give them again the right to dream. They deserve it!!!



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