Food to eat or…food for fuel?

Posted: Απρίλιος 9, 2012 in ink to think and action

Food to eat… or food for fuel?     Watch Action Aid’s  comedy video ‘Drive Aid’ and see how people reacted to this question.


Mariam, a 13-year-old girl  tells how her dreams for the future were destroyed when Sun biofuels broke their promises.



We have to stop  this disaster! Biofuels make poor people ever poorer. They  have negative impacts on the food and land rights of people in poor countries. Land is often taken without the proper consent of the communities living there and they are often thrown off their land with little or no compensation, leaving them unable to grow their own food and taking away their livelihoods.

Sign the following petition and make  the UK government and EU to stop supporting biofuel production .



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