Daily amount of food waste in Greece, is enough to feed homeless and unemployed

Posted: Απρίλιος 4, 2012 in ink to think and action

Boroume which means »we can» in Greek,  is a voluntary initiative  that fights food waste and that coordinates the daily donation of surplus food to orphanages, soup kitchens, old age homes and other welfare institutions.  »Some Greek people give very little thought of food they throw away» Xenia Papastaurou, the creator of Boroume,  told me in an interview for metrogreece.gr. »The organization was born last May  and what we basically do is to communicate with various institutions and social services of municipalities to spare food and offer it to those in need.  The organization has grown fast. Everyday  companies and families offer us fresh food for those in need.  Our aim is to reduce the daily amount of food waste in Greece while many  people are malnourished. Anyone who thinks he can help in any way  he can send  an e-mail at info@boroume.gr «.

Boroume, meanwhile, is expanding beyond food. Welfare groups are asking for everything from clothing to cutlery; hotels have started donating furniture, fridges and televisions.

Xenia Papastavrou sets a great example reminding us that sometimes when we are generous in small, barely detectable ways, we can change someone else’s life.

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