KONY 2012 campaign

Posted: Μαρτίου 10, 2012 in activism

Joseph Kony, the notorious leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) is known as the world’s next Hitler who makes thousands of young people suffering. Over the past 20 years 30.000 children have been abducted in Uganda. The LRA has abducted thousands of civilians to serve as child soldiers, porters, and concubines and displaced hundreds of thousands of people hoping to avoid their brutal tactics.

Many families have lost a child through abduction or their village was attacked and destroyed by an army of abducted children known as the Lord’s Resistance Army. At night the children of the north flee into towns to sleep, fearing that they might be abducted.

The purpose of the half hour video by Invisible Children  is to make Joseph Kony famous. Joseph’s Kony immediate capture and delivery to the International Criminal Court would be an unambiguous victory for humanity.

So, share the following video and make Kony famous all around the world. You should keep in mind that WE are shaping the human history!



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