Happy International Women’s Day

Posted: Μαρτίου 8, 2012 in ink to think and action

Today is the International Women’s Day. Some women may celebrate the day, some others may ignore it. In both cases, they are very lucky just because they are free and they have the right to choose.

Please, take only three minutes of your time to watch  the following video about the  touching stories of three women who fight for their rights.

Neela from Bangladesh had acid thrown on her face when she was 14. Now she is part of an Acid Survivors’ Network helping other survivors to be self-reliant.

Jeleela from Ghana talks about how her women’s group can work to improve her community after ActionAid provided the materials for a building for the group and vocational skills.

Margarita from Guatemala is the first woman to sit on her community development council and is showing local men that women have the right to participate.



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