Young Greeks are wondering about their future

Posted: Οκτώβριος 2, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Greece’s economic crisis  is in the center of the europian attention for over a year. Almost every day,  public- servant workers protest against layoffs, wage cuts and high taxes. They claim that they’ve reached their limits with all these barbaric measures and many of them find the idea of bankruptcy ideal.

The <socialist> goverment announced a new wave of austerity measures last week  and the lenders show a strong  distrust about the efficiency of these measures . There is always the possibility of new measures in order to prop up the moribund greek economy.  But the results of all these counter productive tasks are dissapointing especially for young people. The percentage of unemployment reached its highest level this year and the expectations for 2012 are even worse.  Young people with bachelors and masters have no opportunities in Greece and many of them want to move abroad for a better life. This coutry has nothing to offer them.  They feel like their dreams are shattered by all these politicians who are responsible for this situation and do not seem  to care about the new generation.

No one knows what the next day will bring but one thing is certain : The percentage of immigrants for other countries will soar over the next years. I don’t know if this is right. I’m very confused about the future, as many young  of my age.  Should we  compromise until the country  situation get better  or grab life by the horns  and  make our dreams come true?



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