Anna the Kid turns into «LadyLight» and sings metal sounds…

Posted: Σεπτεμβρίου 26, 2011 in inspirational people

High quality artist and international persona Anna Rezan-Kritselis debuted as a vocalist on her first song, the sensual metal ballad ‘’Let there be rain’’, a passionate song written by Billy Nikolopoulos and Markella Panayotou and produced by Nick Rollinger.

Behind all, there is a special international collaboration, as the video of the song was made in New York, produced by the director Boman Modine, the British-Eskenazi actress Hannah Fierman and the Austrian upcoming director Aksel Stasny that worked on it as a visual effects director. Anna’s guest on the vocals is the Greek singer Barbara Sassari. The song is produced in Luxembourg – released by Equinox Records and presented by Moda Records – thanks to music-industry guru Nicky Kalliongis. “Let there be rain” is included in one of her new feature films “ShowBitch”, in which Anna leads as rock star character and performs a cabaret dancing show while singing this heavy metal song.

Anna worked on four other film projects in 2010: she took part in “La commedia di Amos Poe”, a film directed by Amos Poe – the leading character in “No Wave Cinema” -something that she considers an “honor”.

She also co-produced and guest-starred in Patricia Di Salvo’s short film “Love at first sight”, a fun, romantic comedy, set in Los Angeles that was presented at the Cannes Film Festival.

Back to her hometown, Athens, Greece, she guest-starred in two other projects, “GreenFish”, an eco-friendly comedy by Yiannis Paraskevopoulos, and “Katharsi”, a cult underground dramedy by Fokion Bogris.

Hers is the type of success story that always fuels the imagination of thousands of young people around the world. Meeting and getting to know her is a real surprise. She is a cultured and sincere young beautiful woman without a trace of arrogance. Her philosophy in life is that we only have one life to live, so we must live it well! The more we understand how precious life is, the more strength we get to do things that we want. Although she has been working hard since she was a kid and her career has always played an important part, she insists that the most important thing for her is love and to live her life with her beloved ones, her family, friends and of course, her boyfriend.

Neo magazine, April 2011



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